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                When The Bells Toll

When God in His Infinite Wisdom has seen fit to call back to His fold a human soul.  And when the earthly remains of one beloved must be laid to eternal sleep,

Then it becomes the sacred duty of our profession to assist the bereaved living in this, the last task of love for the departed. In carrying out this sacred duty, we will

do our part    With Sympathy

                                                   With Dignity

                                                                                    With Reverence                          

                                                                                                                                                                          Author Unknown






Welcome to Hills Funeral Home web page. At Hills,we realize that each family has different needs and our staff will assist you in creating a service that you will remember with a smile.  We are committed to caring for our families through presenting a wide range of quality, customized services and products, offering prudent advance funeral planning options and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.  It is our desire that our services support you through the difficult times and make your memories more meaningful.  Serving families since 1952, we have been the hallmark of service in this community and strive to provide dignified services for those who call upon the Hill Staff.   We are family owned and operated which will allow us to fully serve you in any capacity. We hope you will find the information provided throughout this site to be helpful. Our main office is located in the historical city of Fairmont, NC and  Hills Memorial Chapel is located in the southern part of the county in  the historical city of Rowland, North Carolina.





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